15 Best Meditation Chairs

One of the most significant forms of meditation furniture to purchase is Meditation Chair. Meditation chairs are essential because they assist you in sitting in the proper meditation position This is critical because if you do not sit with proper posture, you risk injuring your knees and back.

Your spine might be seriously injured if you sit for long periods of time. If you believe this has already begun to happen, you must make some modifications.

Many meditation teachers, including Andy Puddicombe of Headspace, emphasize the importance of sitting in the appropriate position for optimal practice.

Begin by investing in a good cushion. At the same time, you’ll want to invest in one of the greatest meditation chairs, which will assist you in sitting properly during your practice.

It’s also important to be comfortable. Indeed, the most crucial aspect of a meditator’s position, according to Thich Nhat Hanh’s book How To Sit, is that they are comfortable.

At the same time, we must be vigilant. “Mere physical setting is not enough,” says Zen Master Maezumi Roshi. You must sit with care and attention. Allow your body and breathing to relax. Allow your thoughts and feelings to rest.

Allow your blood circulation to rest for a while. Allow time for things to settle. Then your sitting becomes impervious to damage and immovable.”

Let’s take a look at some of the most comfortable and supportive Meditation Chairs.

Eight of the Best Meditation Chairs

1. Alexia Meditation chair

Alexia Meditation chair

If you’re wanting to set up a meditation area in your house, the Alexia seat is the finest option.

When shopping for a meditation chair, the most important factor to consider is comfort. You’ll never want to leave this one because it’s so cozy. It’s designed specifically for your sitting practice and includes everything you’ll need in a seat.

You can feel it supporting your body in the correct places, and it’s easy to get comfortable because of that support. This is one of the greatest back-supporting meditation chairs available.

On the downside, this is one of the largest chairs, which is inconvenient for travel. It is a piece of permanent furniture that should be placed in your studio and left there rather than being taken to retreats.

One of the best features of this seat is the variety of color possibilities. Furthermore, it is made of vegan-friendly materials, which is fantastic because we all know how essential it is to love and support the environment.

This is an excellent option if you’re seeking an ergonomic meditation chair with back support. And, in my opinion, it is the ideal meditation chair for elders.


  • Large and dependable
  • Exceptional quality
  • Exceptionally relaxing.
  • One of the greatest back support meditation chairs


  • Expensive and inconvenient for travel.

2. Back Jack Floor Chair

Back Jack Floor Chair

If you’re going on a retreat, this is one of the greatest meditation seats to buy.

Floor chairs are a fantastic alternative when seeking a meditation chair. They provide excellent back support while being quite portable.

When you go to a retreat or a trek, you can swiftly throw this one in your car. It’s also compact and light.

If you have back difficulties, the Back Jack Floor Chair’s ergonomic design is ideal.

Some people claim that utilizing these chairs not only prevents back discomfort but also aids in the treatment of back disorders.

This ergonomic meditation chair, on the other hand, can be a touch shaky, and its basic form won’t be a major point in your workspace.

However, it is one of the most dependable solutions and provides exceptional customer service.


  • Traveling with it is simple.
  • One of the greatest back support meditation chairs


  • Not the fanciest design

3. Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair

buddha bliss meditation chairs

The Friends Of Buddha was created with the intention of making Satsang (sacred gatherings) and retreats more enjoyable.

Naturally, when you’re at a retreat, you’ll want a comfortable seat that you can sit on for long periods of time. And this one is excellent for it.

It’s also one of the greatest travel meditation seats. Because the Buddha Bliss is totally folding, it will fit comfortably in the back of your car.

It’s best for persons under 5’9″. (which sadly means it is not suitable for me, at 5 foot 11). This may not be the best option for tall folks looking for a meditation chair with back support.

It also includes a small, firm cushion as a bonus.


  • People who are under 5’9″ will find it very comfortable.
  • It appears to be just as it does in the image.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Designed for long hours of sitting.


  • Not recommended for persons taller than 5’10”.
  • When traveling, it is somewhat hefty.

4. Mulu


Mulu is more than just a meditation chair. It’s also suitable for use in the office, at home, or pretty much anywhere else.

The cushion is quite soft and may be used for sitting or lying down. It’s also perfect for traveling with. It has six different configurations and can even be fully flattened so you can lie down on it.

If that’s your taste, the design is discreet and modern, and the reinforced steel means it’ll last a long time. It also includes a removable cover that you can quickly wash if your smoothie spills on it.


  • Comfortable
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the removable cover.
  • It’s great for traveling.


  • When you recline in it, several people have complained that it falls back.



This non-slip memory foam meditation cushion supports good posture by cradling your hips. It has a one-of-a-kind design that includes a bowling pin-shaped center.

The bowling-pin gap in the middle improves ventilation, preventing the cushion from overheating. So, if a toasty bootie isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy this.

“Relief for Prostate, Hemorrhoid, Sciatica, Hip, Lower & Upper Back, Tailbone, Pregnancy Pain,” according to the manufacturer. This is the greatest meditation chair to buy if you have any of those conditions.

This seat may also be used in a wheelchair, as shown in the photograph, which is possibly its most distinctive feature.


  • It’s soft and supple, with plenty of giving.
  • One of the most adaptable choices.
  • The construction quality is excellent.


  • When you sit on it, it compresses dramatically.
  • Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

6. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

This is one of the most luxurious seats available. It’s also created by Gaiam, a well-known brand.

With a rattan base and a lofty back, the Gaiam Rattan meditation chair is suitable for tall persons. It’s ergonomically designed with back support, and there’s enough room for those of us who need it. The cotton cushion is really comfy, and there is plenty of room to sit in the lotus pose.


  • Beautiful
  • luxurious
  • spacious


  • Expensive

7. Friends Of Meditation chair

Friends Of Meditation chair

This enormous meditation chair (with an even larger name) was designed by a licensed yoga instructor and Osho facilitator to fit people up to 6 feet 2 inches tall, making it one of the greatest meditation seats for tall people.

This Osho chair is really soft and makes sitting in Lotus position simpler. This is far comfier than a wooden chair for me. If you suffer from back pain, this seat will be very helpful, thanks to the additional backrest that provides lower back support.

It comes with a complimentary travel bag and is entirely folding as an added benefit. Overall, this is one of the greatest meditation chairs for taller persons who enjoy traveling.


  • Tall folks will love it.
  • It’s easy to travel with because of its size.


  • Expensive

8. Xotic Seagrass 

 Xotic Seagrass 

The Xotic Seagrass meditation chair is attractive and has a distinctive design that distinguishes it from the competition.

When you want to sit in Lotus position, it’s curved with more space for your feet and knees. It’s also low enough that if you wish, you can sit with your ankles crossed on the ground.

Visually, this is one of the nicest meditation chairs. The only minor disadvantage is that there aren’t many fabric options.


  • Very relaxing.
  • Design that is unique
  • Lots of space


  • Expensive

9. Giantex 14 Position Floor Chair

on Floor Chair

This floor chair comes in black, brown, grey, pink, purple, and tan and is suitable for meditation. It can be adjusted, however, it is difficult to travel. It has fourteen different configurations and is one of the most comfortable meditation chairs I’ve ever used.

Because the cover is made of flannel fabric, you will have to spot-clean it. The one significant disadvantage is that it must be stored and transported flat. It has some of the best back support of any meditation chair, and it’s perfect for keeping at home.

10. Ashan Yoga Seat Strap

Ashan Yoga Seat Strap

Blue and purple Ashan Yoga Seat Straps are offered. It is foldable and transportable. It’s one of the most unusual chairs on the list, and it’s wonderful for decreasing knee pain while meditating for lengthy periods of time.

While sitting in Lotus posture, the chair’s belt supports your back and stretches to your feet. You can even wear it on your back and take it with you on meditation retreats.

The only drawback is that if you have severe back pain, it isn’t as comfy. Furthermore, it is not the finest meditation chair for huge individuals.

11. DRAGON ergonomic kneeling chair

DRAGON ergonomic kneeling chair

According to the product description, the Dragon ergonomic kneeling chair is the greatest chair for improving meditation positions and eliminating slouching.

12. BZen’s Bamboo floor chair

BZen’s Bamboo floor chair

This brown and white Zen floor chair has a traditional style. In comparison to the other possibilities on this list, it is rather limited.

It is not foldable, for example, and it is difficult to travel. However, I find it to be ideal for low-sitting, and the covers are removable and machine washable.

I included it in this list of the finest meditation chairs because I like how low it sits and how well it supports my back.

However, because it is not adjustable, you can only make a limited number of postures with it. If you wish to keep it in the same position, it’s an exquisite floor lounger, but it’s not easy to move.

13. Adjustable Floor Chair LZ Leisure Zone

Adjustable Floor Chair LZ Leisure Zone

The LZ Leisure Zone Adjustable Floor Chair comes in two colors: orange and coffee, and it’s lightweight. It’s a pretty soft chair, and I find it extremely comfy. It’s also lightweight and portable.

With five adjustable positions and the flexibility to lie flat when you want to put it away, this is a terrific chair for the meditation room.

Although the lumbar support is adequate, some of the other meditation chairs on our list are superior.

This isn’t the easiest floor lounger to clean because the cover can’t be removed, so you’ll have to spot clean it, which is a pain.

14. WAYTRIM Adjustable meditation chair

WAYTRIM Adjustable meditation chair

This one comes in three colors: coffee, blue, and grey, and it’s foldable and portable, so you can take it on retreat with you.

The cover is composed of cotton and linen, while the content is recycled cotton.

This is one of the greatest meditation chairs for lumbar support in my opinion. It’s also convenient to carry because it’s foldable. It has six adjustable positions, allowing you to select the ideal posture for you. The lack of memory foam is the only drawback.

On the downside, some users have claimed that it is not the finest meditation chair for huge individuals.

15. NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

Foldable Meditation Seating Suede-Like Fabric Multiangle Cushioned Recliner for Adults Kids Video-Gaming Reading Watching, Navy NNEWVANTE Back Support Chair Foldable Meditation Seating Suede-Like Fabric Multiangle Cushioned Recliner for Adults Kids Video-Gaming Reading Watching

This one is collapsible, easy to carry, and comes in a variety of colors like green, blue, and pink.

The NNEWVANTE adjustable floor chair features ergonomic back support as well as five various recline options. Because the lid can be removed, I found this one to be quite easy to clean and based on evaluations, it appears to be suitable for both children and adults. The one disadvantage is that you can’t sit cross-legged on it—at least, I can’t.

Best Choice meditation chair

Best Choice meditation chair

The Best Choice meditation floor chair is foldable but not simple to transport on retreats. It comes in brown, blue, grey, eggplant, and orange.

The seat includes 14 different seating options. It has a luxury appearance and is constructed of velvety fabric with chopped memory foam filling, which I find really comfy.

What I find odd is that, despite having 14 various sitting positions, it cannot be folded in such a way that it can be stored easily. Instead, you must lay it flat, which makes it difficult to transport.

It has strong back support for meditation and can also be utilized for other things. Some claim it isn’t as large as the product description says.

Overall, I like how it looks, and the back support is great, but it’s a shame it can’t be folded.

Meditation Chairs Have a lot of advantages.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for your studio is meditation chairs. I recommended getting both a meditation seat and a meditation cushion in my guide on creating a mindfulness space. Both of these things are reasonably priced and will work wonders for you.


So, how about this: have you ever tried meditating on a bus? Because I care about the environment, I take the bus everywhere. And, because it is a challenge, I always meditate on the bus. It’s difficult to relax, and the other passengers make it difficult to concentrate.

A decent seat, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. The greatest meditation chairs provide back support that is specifically designed to help you discover your Zen by supporting perfect posture.

When you meditate, it’s critical to feel comfortable; otherwise, you won’t be able to focus effectively (particularly if you’re employing specialized sitting postures, such as those used in Zazen). Simply said, find a good seat where you can sit comfortably and concentrate.

One of the dangers of sitting with poor posture is that it might harm your spine. If you have the necessary help, this will not happen.

Two nice things will happen when you purchase a good chair. To begin with, it will assist you in sitting with appropriate posture. This aids in body support and injury prevention. Second, the finest meditation seats allow you to focus by preventing you from fidgeting.

Comfort and focus come first, regardless of the design, fabric, color, or other aesthetic decisions. When a chair fails to meet those two goals, you know it’s insufficient.

When purchasing a meditation chair, be sure it provides adequate spinal support and aids in concentration. It should make you feel relaxed when you sit in it; not fatigued, not sluggish, but relaxed and concentrated.

Other advantages include:

  • Assist you in sitting in the proper positions.
  • Maintain your weight
  • Provide lumbar support to aid concentration
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend sitting.

Chair for meditation Purchasing Advice

Consider the following factors while purchasing a meditation chair:

If you buy an antique, make sure it’s in good working order and won’t break.

Because it is constructed of inferior cloth, a low-cost one may not be long-lasting. However, some of the less expensive ones are perfectly suitable.

You won’t get everything if you’re shopping for cheap furnishings. When purchasing a low-cost one, you must select between design and comfort (choose comfort; after all, this is for meditating, not decorative furniture).

A collapsible seat is a good option if you want to save room.

A DIY meditation chair is doable, but be honest with yourself: would a DIY version provide adequate back support? Is it worth your time and effort to make one if it isn’t? (If you want to make it for fun because you enjoy crafts, don’t let me stop you; just keep in mind that it won’t look as wonderful as one that has been properly constructed.)

Meditation chairs come in a variety of styles (Chakra, Dhyana, lotus, Nori, Osho, Tibetan). Regardless of the precise style and design, they should all provide the same advantages that we’ve discussed so far.

If you have a tiny space, you might want to consider purchasing a foldable meditation chair. This will help you save space.

Prices vary, as they do with any other commodity. How much do they set you back? From $20 to thousands of dollars (for antiques).


There are plenty of possibilities thanks to the brilliant manufacturers on our list, no matter what you’re looking for.

When purchasing a meditation chair, keep in mind that the most important features are that it provides excellent body support and aids in concentration. All of the ones on this list that we’ve looked at will do just that.

If sitting in meditation still makes you uncomfortable, Yang Yang [founder of the Center For Taiji And Qigong Studies and clinician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York] suggests standing meditation, which is a foundational tenet of Chinese martial arts.

As part of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, Jon Kabat Zinn [American professor emeritus of medicine and founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School] recommends lying down.

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