15 Best Meditation Chairs


One of the most significant forms of meditation furniture to purchase is Meditation Chair. Meditation chairs are essential because they assist you in sitting in the proper meditation position This is critical because if you do not sit with proper posture, you …

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Wellness tips for Healthy Lifestyle

photo of girl hugging her mom while doing yoga pose

What are the wellness tips, can keep your life is happily We can define it this way, Wellness is a lively process of becoming conscious of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. it is the really mean quite being …

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How to sugar become an enemy of our life.

sugar danger

Hello… today, of course, We are going to introduce to your the new enemy of our lives, sugar. We are going to answer this question and In the beginning, I am going to give you facts. It is no secret that governments …

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management of an unconscious adult

Here we describe techniques for the management of an unconscious adult who may require resuscitation. Always approach and treat the casualty from the side, kneeling down next to his head or chest. You will then be in the correct position to perform …

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FIRST AID – Assessing the Casualty

first aid help

SECONDARY SURVEYS LOOK FOR EXTERNAL CLUES FOR CASUALTY As part of your Assessing the Casualty, “How to check casualty for injury?” look for external clues to a casualty’s condition. If you suspect drug abuse, take care as he may be carrying needles …

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Diet Plan Recipes for 6 Days.

food for diet

Day 1 Whatever I have put in the recipes is the list of ingredients you need for that particular diet plan recipes, followed by the procedures or the method. It has to be done. And it’s like a two-step process. Do whatever …

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