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In addition to hand washing. gloves give added protection against infection in a first aid situation. If possible, carry protective, disposable, latex-free gloves with you always. Wear them whenever there is a likelihood of contact with blood or other body fluids. If in doubt, wear them anyway.

Disposable gloves should only be used to treat one casualty. Put them on just before you approach a casualty and remove them as soon as the treatment is completed and before you do anything else.

When taking off the gloves after the first aid, hold the top edge of one glove with your other gloved hand and peel it off so that it is inside out. Repeat with the other hand without touching the outside of the gloves. Dispose of them in a biohazard bag (below).


Ideally, wash your hands before putting on the gloves. Hold one glove by the top and pull it on. DO not touch the main part Of the glove with your fingers.


Pick up the second with the gloved hand. With your fingers under the top edge, pull it on to your hand. Your gloved fingers should not touch your skin.

How to wear gloves – Video
How to Remove gloves safely

CAUTION:- Always use latex-free gloves. Some people have a serious allergy to latex, and this may cause anaphylactic shock, Nitrile gloves (often blue or purple) are recommended.


Once you have treated a casualty, all soiled material must be disposed of carefully to prevent the spread of infection.

Place items such as dressings or gloves in a plastic bag – ideally a biohazard bag – and destroy it by burning (incineration) or ask the attending emergency service how to deal with this type of waste. Seal the bag tightly and label it to show that it contains clinical waste. Put sharp objects, such as needles, in a plastic container called a sharps container, which is usually yellow.

Sharps Container 

first aid sharps container

Biohazard Bag

first aid bio hazard bag

This is the correct way to put safety gloves and how they are disposed. hope this article is helpful to you get an idea about wearing safety gloves. we will meet next with “How to dealing with casualty” lesson to next.

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