First Aid


Basics of first aid treatment

What is the first aid treatment for casualty?

Before you start you should know what is the first aid treatment for the casualty. because Casualties are often frightened or become frightened because of what has just happened to them, their fears of what may happen next, and of the pain and/or bleeding they are experiencing.

Your role is to stay calm and take charge of the situation. However. be ready to stand back if someone better qualified is present to assist. If there is more than one casualty, assess each one using the primary survey, and treat the most seriously injured casualty first.


Establish trust with your casualty by introducing yourself. Find out what the person likes to be called and use his name each time you talk to him. Crouch or kneel to the same height as the casualty. Explain what is happening and why.

You will inspire trust if you say what you are doing before you do it. Always treat the casualty with dignity and respect. If possible, give him choices, for example. whether he would prefer to sit or lie down and/or who he would like to have with him.



When treating a casualty, remain calm and do not do anything without explanation. Try to answer any questions he may have honestly.


Consider the age and appearance of your casualty when you talk to him since different people need different responses. Respect people’s wishes: accept that someone might want to be treated in a particular way.

Communication can be difficult if a person speaks a different language or cannot hear you. Use simple language or signs or write questions down. Ask if anyone speaks the same language or knows the person or saw the incident and can describe what happened.


talking to children

You will need to use simpler, shorter words when talking to children. If possible, make sure a child’s parents or caregivers are with him. and always keep them involved. It is important to establish the carer’s trust as well as the children’s. Talk first to the parent/career and get his or her permission to continue. Once the parent/career trusts you, the child will also feel more confident.

Now you know the basics of first aid treatments for the casualty. after this, we will discuss how to request medical help.

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