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Apple Puts Health at The Heart Of The iPhone

Coronavirus crisis requires, the next OS of the iPhone and iPad will offer new health-related functions, which range from unlocking with a health mask to automatically sending his medical file in the event of an emergency call.

What is it and how?

It is a real race against the clock which the developers of iOS are confronted with since they must integrate into the iPhone, the iPad, and even the Apple Watch the functions related to the epidemic of coronavirus.

The latest public beta confirms this with the integration of the API ” Exposure Notification ” which will be used by most government applications, but also the function to facilitate unlocking the screen when wearing a mask.

More about it

The automatic sharing of the medical file, as shown by the MacRumors visuals. Via the Health application, the owner of an iPhone can complete their medical file by entering important information such as blood group, any treatment, allergy, or even chronic illness.

A mini health book accessible in case of emergency, without unlocking the phone. This allows the nursing staff to have access to essential information even when the person is unable to respond.

A function also presents on Android with the Personal Security application which allows you to record medical information and emergency contacts. It is currently only available for Google Pixel smartphones.

An emergency call and the medical file is sent
The novelty is that this sheet can be automatically shared with the nursing staff as soon as the user uses the emergency call in the countries supporting this type of device. For now, it would be functional in the United States, and the device uses geolocation to find the nearest compatible establishment.

By default, this option is disabled, and it will be possible to activate it in the Health settings, and this will also be applicable to the Apple Watch via another update.

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