Best Health Habits for a Healthy Life

health habits

These are the best health habits that can make your lifestyle healthy. “Simple lifestyle and health habits, changes can make an enormous difference in disease prevention and overall health” Today I will give you a few important health habits to be healthy. …

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Apple Puts Health at The Heart Of The iPhone

iPhone health

Coronavirus crisis requires, the next OS of the iPhone and iPad will offer new health-related functions, which range from unlocking with a health mask to automatically sending his medical file in the event of an emergency call. What is it and how? …

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How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

health mouth

How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy? Using a toothbrush and toothpaste alone is not sufficient to guarantee your protection from dental problems. Learn the most important tips that help you to enhance the health of your mouth and teeth. The mouthwash is …

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Preventing from COVID 19

covid 19

Preventing from COVID 19, how many days it will take. and this way it will infect you. keep remembering these days match with your symptoms. DAY 1 TO DAY 2The beginning symptoms are similar to the common cold with a mild sore …

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How to sugar become an enemy of our life.

sugar danger

Hello… today, of course, We are going to introduce to your the new enemy of our lives, sugar. We are going to answer this question and In the beginning, I am going to give you facts. It is no secret that governments …

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In this post, we’ll talk about the Keto diet and cancer. Cancer has turned into a serious disease in our modern society. While cancer was not a large factor before the 20th century, it did exist. Of course, our modern diet and …

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