FIRST AID: Choking Symptoms and Treatment

Choking Symptoms and Treatment

What do you have to do if an individual is choking but remains ready to speak or breathe? What is choking and how is it happen? This condition arises when there’s insufficient oxygen within the body tissues. There are a variety of …

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Best Health Habits for a Healthy Life

health habits

These are the best health habits that can make your lifestyle healthy. “Simple lifestyle and health habits, changes can make an enormous difference in disease prevention and overall health” Today I will give you a few important health habits to be healthy. …

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Apple Puts Health at The Heart Of The iPhone

iPhone health

Coronavirus crisis requires, the next OS of the iPhone and iPad will offer new health-related functions, which range from unlocking with a health mask to automatically sending his medical file in the event of an emergency call. What is it and how? …

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First Aid Training - CPR

How to use an AED, When the heart stops, a cardiac arrest has occurred. The most common cause is an abnormal rhythm of the heart, known as ventricular fibrillation. This abnormal rhythm can occur when the heart muscle is damaged because of …

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How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

health mouth

How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy? Using a toothbrush and toothpaste alone is not sufficient to guarantee your protection from dental problems. Learn the most important tips that help you to enhance the health of your mouth and teeth. The mouthwash is …

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The following describes the techniques that may be needed for the resuscitation of an unconscious child aged between one year and puberty.  When treating a child, always approach and treat her from the same side, kneeling down next to the head or …

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