Gastritis Medicine | Syrup and Tablets

Recommended Gastritis Medicine, Syrup and tablets

According to traditional and local Gastritis medicine, this medicine (Gastritis Relief Syrup) is used to treat and Relief gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers, heartburn, and bloating.

IngredientsVetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), Nut Grass (Cyperus Rotundus), Green Gram (Vigna Radiata)
Therapeutic EffectsVery good product for Gastritis, Gastric Ulcers, Heartburn, Nausea, and Flatulence.
Gastritis Relief Syrup

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What is the gastritis Diet?

We can heal gastritis by ourselves, the best way to avoid gastritis maintain your eating pattern.

There are many foods and drinks that may cause gastritis.

First, you find out what are those food and drinks, that may be cause gastritis. select foods can heal your pain. there are many goods food all around you can find easily.

List down your eating plan, concidring next two to three months.

Then make a time plan, that’s the most important thing you have put your full attention to.

Otherwise, all these above things are wasted.

Eating on the time is the best way and fast way to avoid gastritis. it doesn’t matter how much you eat, it should be on the time.

Recommend Gastritis Medicine

there are two main medicine types for the gastities.

  1. Syrup

2. Tablets

OTC medications involve antacids (Gelusil) and antibiotics. However, using OTC antibiotics can induce resistance to certain bacteria. Thus it is always advised to consult a doctor before taking any antibiotic.

List of Top 20 Medicines for Gastritis

  1. Acera-D
  2. Bayurab
  3. Domar
  4. Ecorest
  5. Esomzole
  6. Fritopan
  7. Inox
  8. Keycool D
  9. Minirab D
  10. Pandostal
  11. Suphacid
  12. Apand
  13. Colosafe-DSR
  14. Domitin
  15. Elpizole D
  16. Gitune
  17. Kazopan D
  18. Lupidom
  19. Nexpro
  20. Riazole DSR

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