Improve Basic First Aid with Simple Tricks

Basic first aid training

We outline the basic first aid training techniques and procedures that underpin care. including moving a casualty and applying dressings and bandages. Usually, a primary aider isn’t expected to maneuver an injured person, but in some circumstances like when a casualty is …

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Medical Conditions | Common Diseases

Choking Symptoms and Treatment

What are the common medical conditions? Common Diseases, Many everyday medical conditions, like fever and headache, need prompt treatment and respond well to care. However. a minor complaint is often the beginning of a significant illness, so you ought to always be …

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Types of Wounds and Bleeding

woman in white tank top

How many types of bleed injuries are there? Types of Wounds, When a blood vessel is damaged, the vessel constricts, and a series of chemical reactions occur to form a blood clot -a plug’ over the damaged area (below). If large blood …

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First aid training for mange major incidents

first aid help

First aid training to deal with a major incidents? First aid is required in major incidents in some ways, shapes, and forms. It is always an honest idea to possess basic first aid training and care skills just in case you would …

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INHALATION OF FUMES The inhalation of smoke, gases [such as carbon monoxide) or toxic vapours can be lethal. A casualty who has inhaled fumes is likely to have low levels of oxygen in his body tissues [Hypoxia p 90) and therefore needs …

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What Causes an Airway Obstruction.

airway obstruction

What is an airway obstruction? In the airway obstruction may be a blockage in any a part of the airway. if airway may be a complex system of tubes that conveys inhaled air from your nose and mouth into your lungs. An …

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